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September 18, 2018 ARMA in Brazil


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September 18, 2018 ARMA in Brazil

Caroline Suinner




Meet Andiara Ramos Pereira, the activist researcher who (after a very tough selection process) has been working with us and Criola at the phase of interviews with black, anti-racism media activists in Brazil.

Andiara is a black and LGBT activist, PhD candidate in the Post-Graduation Programme in Social Memory at UNIRIO. She also develops TV, cinema and Internet content.

As an activist, she participated in the organization of protests, lectures, seminars, film festivals, art workshops and the production of posters and videos about the right to one’s own body, legalization of abortion, the regulation of prostitution as a profession, post-pornography, the intersectionality of the oppression experienced by black women, black feminism (from the 19th century to today) and the LGBTIQ specificities in activism.

As a researcher, she wrote her MA thesis entitled “Body-Memory: Activist Research, escrevivência, political-aesthetical action” (2018, Federal Fluminense University). Before that, she wrote her first MA thesis entitled “The body that is left to us: Pornoterror and performance, resistance and feminism” (2017, UNIRIO). She also has a degree in Art History (State University of Rio de Janeiro).

As a content developer, Andiara acts mainly in videographics, production and social media management. She has worked with TV channels and audiovisuals production companies, such as Canal Futura and Couro de Rato.

It's been wonderful to have you onboard in ARMA Alliance, Andiara!

ARMA is a #boldmaker project funded by Koneen Säätiö - Kone Foundation.